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Injectables are amongst the most popular cosmetic treatments the world over.

There are two main groups of injectables: anti-wrinkle injections and natural gel 'fillers' to restore skin volume.

Because of Australian laws regulating prescription medicines, we cannot use product names of our injectables on our website. Press the links below to guide you to product specific information of our most popular injectable skin treatments.

Antiwrinkle injections

Forehead frown lines? Crow's feet? People think you look angry and stressed, when you are not? 'Gummy' smile? Muscle relaxing injections based on natural botulinum will soften the appearance of facial lines for up to four months. Contact us for pricing options.

Swedish anti-wrinkle injectables
by Q-Med
American anti-wrinkle injectables
by Allergan


Tired looking eyes? Deep lines around the mouth? Hollow cheeks? As we age, we lose volume in our cheeks and around the mouth and our jawlines become less well defined. Using fillers, based on natural 'hyaluronic acid', we can quickly and subtly replenish lost facial volume for up to 2 years. Contact us for pricing and treatment options.

Swedish fillers
by Q-Med
American fillers
by Allergan

Photos are un-retouched & represent patients who have had significant results. Your results may vary depending on age & skin conditions. Photos are of Clinic One patients, published with their consent.

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