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Severe Perspiration of Underarms, Palms & Soles

Severe sweating / excessive perspiration are also known by the medical term of 'hyperhidrosis'. Any part of the body can be affected but the underams, palms and soles tend to cause most trouble for most people. Most people develop hyperhidrosis in early life and most people have no underlying other relevant health problems. Severe hyperhidrosis can cause much distress and embarrassment.

Severe Perspiration of Underarms


People with excessive underarm sweating commonly suffer from sweat rings under the arms, excess body odour and continual skin irritation. The medical term for excessive underarm perpiration / sweaty armpits for which there is no underlying health cause is 'severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis'.Treatments up until recently were either not very effective or very expensive.

These days, severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis is usually most effectively treated with injectables (also see - http://www.sweathelp.org/hyperhidrosis-treatments/botox.html).

Even the worst sweaters usually achieve complete underarm sweat control for at least 4 months after every treatment.

To be eligible for government subsidised treatment, patients must first have tried ‘Driclor’ anti-perspirant (http://www.driclor.com.au/). Most patients that seek a Dermatologist’s help will have tried Driclor and other strong anti-perspirants. They commonly don’t work or cause burning and stinging.

Even though it’s an injectable treatment, discomfort is minimal. There is no downtime. There are no recognised long term side effects.

The Australian government subsidies injectables for sever perspiration of underarms only when provided by approved medical specialists (Dermatologists & Neurologists).

Cosmetic doctors and GPs are not subsidised and therefore usually charge $1000 per treatment.

Cost for treatment by one of our Dermatologists is less than $250.

If you’ve tried Driclor and it either didn’t work for you or it caused stinging, burning or irritation, you are eligible for treatment now.

No GP referral necessary.

Appointments available most days.

Severe Perspiration of Palms & Soles


People with excessive sweating of the palms and soles find it difficult to hold pens and equipment and get embarrassed touching others. The medical term for excessive sweating of the palms and soles for which there is no underlying health cause is 'severe primary palmoplantar hyperhidrosis'.

Severe primary palmoplantar hyperhidrosis is now usually most effectively treated with iontophoresis. This very affordable treatment is available at Clinic One.

After 12 treatments (over four weeks), each lasting 20 minutes and performed at our clinic, most patients report complete or almost complete control over sweating. Top up treatments are thereafter used by patients as required.


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