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Vitiligo is a common skin condition causing white skin patches and white hair. It’s caused by overactivity of the immune system for reasons that aren’t yet completely understood.

Patients are somewhat more likely to also show other signs of immune overactivity such as thyroid disease. Vitiligo is not a sign of dietary deficiency nor of allergies.

Uncommonly (and usually only in those for whom the vitiligo starts after age 60), can it be an important early sign of melanoma. Particularly in those with better colouring skin, vitiligo can be cosmetically very distressing.

There is no cure for the complaint but there are treatments that can help in controlling its spread and even reverse some of the signs.
Our dermatologists tend to use a combination of creams, narrowband phototherapy and cosmetic camouflage.

Photos below show the result of 6 months regular treatment with creams and narrowband phototherapy.

Phototherapy UV Booth

Photos are not retouched & represent patients who have had significant results. Your results may vary depending on age and skin conditions. All before and after photos shown are of Clinic One patients unless otherwise indicated. All photos shown with patients consent.

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