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Full Body Mole Photography

Nowhere in the world is malignant melanoma skin cancer more common than in Queensland.

Early detection of melanoma is more likely to lead to early treatment. In spite of much active research into many melanoma treatments, to this day, surgery is the only treatment known to be curative in the majority of early melanomas.

Although many melanomas look like very irregular, large and dark moles, many do not. Some may even just look pink. In the early detection of melanoma, it's change (over a period of weeks to months) and the 'ugly duckling' (the spot that just doesn't look like any of your others), that are the most sensitive pointers to early melanoma.

Full body professional digital mole photography may assist you and your doctors in the early detection (and therefore cure) of melanoma.

Full Body Mole Photography

Full body mole photography is available now at Clinic One.

Full Body Mole Photography
Full Body Mole Photography

Especially useful for those:
  • with a strong personal or family history of malignant melanoma
  • with large numbers of very irregular looking moles.
  • who usually see their GP or a GP skin cancer clinic, rather than a dermatologist, for their regular skin cancer checks.
  • who live at a distance from doctors who are used to diagnosing and treating melanoma skin cancer (including those that live in rural parts of Australia and including those Australians that live overseas in places where melanoma is less common).
Full Body Mole Photography
Full Body Mole Photography

No referral necessary. Appointments for full body mole photography are usually available the same day.
Helping you to manage your risk of melanoma.

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